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Hide files - Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q: What files can I hide?
    A: Hide-files can hide any types of files: documents, movies, pictures, executables. You cannot hide files that are being used by other programs at the moment.

    Q: : What are the advantages of Hide-files as compared to similar programs?
    : Hide-files uses a unique technology of hiding confidential files. It does not require installing any drivers or services unlike similar programs, which significantly increases reliability. The program supports all the popular file systems including FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS whilst most similar programs support NTFS only. Using Hide-files you can hide files on removable media: USB flash drives, portable hard-disks etc. Even if you uninstall the program, all hidden files will still remain hidden.

    Q: How can I hide a file or folder using Hide-files?
    : Just drag the selected files and folders from the Explorer window to the program Window. Alternatively, you can press the "Hide" button and select the file or folder you want to hide in the dialog that will appear.

    Q: Will hidden files be visible if I access the computer disks over a local network?
    A: Hidden files will remain hidden regardless of whether local or remove (local network or Internet) access will be used.

    Q: How can I access the hidden files or folders?
    A: Only by entering the correct username and password. Otherwise, the hidden files and folders are invisible and can't be accessed by windows explorer, search window or file managers.

    Q: What limitations does the demo version have?
    : The only limitations that the demo version has is that the number of hidden files on all disks is limited.

    Q: How can I get the full version of the program?
    : To get the full version of the program, you must pay the registration fee and receive a registration key. After entering the registration key in the demo version of the program, you will get a fully-functional program without any limitations.